Core Values

What We Believe

1. Our Clients’ Best Interest is always our top priority.

2. Complete transparency of expenses and compensation.

3. A long-term, successful client/advisor relationship is built on a foundation of mutual trust.

4. The only rational medium of an advisory relationship and an investment portfolio is a “Plan.”

5. In the use of cost and tax efficient strategies designed to help our clients obtain the future they desire.

6. Collaborative discussions at the pace our clients desire.

7. Consistent and timely communication. We take the time to educate our clients, providing a long-term historical perspective (based on facts) to current events.

8. The investment culture is one of timing and selection. The reality is: Investment Success requires planning plus disciplined behavior.

9. Real-life financial outcomes are most impacted by investor behavior, not performance; therefore, our primary value is as a “behavioral” coach.

10. A systematic process that guides our clients through the complex and different issues they face during each phase of their lives.

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