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Recent College Graduates

Our firm is always looking for quality individuals with a passion for finance and helping others. We position you with seasoned advisors to provide mentorship and guidance to develop a successful career in the financial services industry. As a Financial Representative, your role will be to educate and motivate your clients to take action in their financial strategy. Provide your clients with leadership and guidance towards a secure financial future.

For more information regarding upcoming open houses at our offices, please visit the upcoming events page. These events are a great opportunity to learn more about our firm and meet fellow advisors and members of our leadership team.

Look for us at your school's career fair or on your school's job posting site. Can't find anything? Contact Elizabeth Valenti at [email protected]

Informational Videos

Equity Succession - Nick J. Valenti, CLU, ChFC, CFP, President/CEO

Michigan Financial Companies offers an industry leading equity and succession platform that enables you to benefit from the success you've achieved as you prepare for retirement. Click here to hear more about Equity and succession planning from our CEO, Nick Valenti.

Marketing Introduction - Kim Stine, Vice President

We offer customized and personal plans that allow new advisors to transition seamlessly into our firm and build their business. Click here to learn more about our transition plan, annual plan, and 90-day plan process from Vice President, Kim Stine.

Success Systems - Lori Oancea J.D., Executive Director, Training & Development

We have identified 7 key areas that are paramount to running a successful financial services practice. Click here to learn more about prospecting new client acquisition, client service, business processing, transitioning clients, human resources, and marketing from Lori Oancea J.D., Executive Director.

Marketing with Social Media - Kristen Stack, Director of Marketing Development

Our marketing department can train you to better utilize social media in growing your business. Click here to learn more about using LinkedIn expand your list of prospective clients from our Director of Marketing Development.

Additional Resources

Helping Others Succeed Can Be Your Biggest Success - A brief overview about the role of a Financial Representative, why to choose this career, and questions to ask yourself.

What is Your Vision of Success?- An overview of two of our proven success systems to create your ideal practice.

For more information or questions about joining our team, please contact:

Elizabeth Valenti

Vice President

(210) 998-5036

[email protected]