Betsy Blackman

Betsy Blackman

Vice President of Recruiting

Betsy Blackman is the Vice President of Recruitment with Michigan Financial Companies, a financial services firm focusing on estate planning strategies, wealth accumulation, business planning and executive benefits for both publicly and privately-held companies.

As the Vice President of Recruitment, Betsy is responsible for all recruiting activities in the following markets: Michigan, Texas, Chicago, Ohio, and Wisconsin. These activities include Recruiting Events and Educational Workshops, conducting interviews, assessing and tracking recruits, and facilitating recruiting and selection meetings. Betsy prides herself on identifying Financial Advisors that can both benefit from joining Michigan Financial Companies and positively impact the team.

Advisors work with our firm because of our passion, dedication and commitment to serve as a resource and coach in growing your business & income. What this means is that we have a genuine interest in helping you better serve your clients while building your business through the Marketing, coaching and business development support you need. The potential benefit to you can be the confidence you will have in knowing that you are not alone and that you have a team committed to your success.

We are strongly committed to diversity and equal opportunity.

Education - Michigan State University - Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Administration 1992